"Administrative Agencies: General Concepts and Principles" in South Carolina Administrative Practice and Procedure



Administrative law in South Carolina has undergone radical and pervasive changes in the last twenty years. Not only has the body of case law dramatically increased, state agency regulatory schemes have grown, due process standards have been more clearly defined, and administrative procedures have become more formal and consistent. Perhaps the most important development in state administrative practice and procedure over the past two decades has been the creation and expansion of the Administrative Law Court. Administrative law touches practically all facets of everyday life and everyday law practice. It provides the framework by which state government administers service, policy, licensing and permitting, and taxation programs. Administrative law regulates telephone and power rates, determines taxes and rates, protects air and water from pollution, oversees and controls the availability of and access to healthcare services for many of our citizens, sets insurance rates, sanitation standards on restaurants, sets policy for and controls property use, regulates workplace safety, and performs a host of other functions that affect virtually every segment of everyday society.

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