The easiest way to search the Idaho Supreme Court Records & Briefs database is to search in the Search box in the right hand toolbar by:

  • Case name
  • Party name(s)
  • Docket Number
  • Idaho Reports citation
  • Pacific Reporter citation

The documents themselves are also searchable, so if you are looking for a specific case that deals with a particular topic, simply search for that topic and the results will include documents that contain that search term.

You may also use the advance search feature to help limit the results. However, the fields from which you may select are not relevant to the ISCRB. This feature may be helpful if you wish to limit your search to a specific Idaho Reports volume or if you'd like to sort by date. Be cautious, within the ISCRB collection, all dates refer to the date the document was submitted to the court, not the date of the opinion or the date the file was published to the web.