About This Journal

Tucked away in an obscure corner of the Moscow office of the Idaho Law Review, editors recently found a copy of the first volume of the review published in the Fall of 1964. The following Foreword of that first issue, written by the Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court, E.T. Knudson, accurately reflect the mission of the Idaho Law Review to this day:

It is with great interest that the Supreme Court of the State of Idaho looks forward to the efforts of the College of Law of the University of Idaho in publishing the IDAHO LAW REVIEW. The need for such a law review has long been felt and acknowledged in this State. This work will be of great assistance, both to the courts and the members of the bar of Idaho for its informative aid in reviewing and discussing current developments in the field of law and in offering sound analysis of such developments.

As members of both the bar and the Supreme Court, we can attest to the need of continuing legal education through every media, especially including law reviews of quality which the IDAHO LAW REVIEW promises to be.

We extend to the members of the College of Law our commendation for this undertaking, and wish them the greatest success in publishing the IDAHO LAW REVIEW.

Fifty-four years and thousands of pages later, the Idaho Law Review has indeed experienced success in publishing quality material relevant, not only to theological legal scholarship, but also practical legal application. Its legacy is buttressed by authors who contribute research, diligent editors who polish and prepare papers for publication, and legal practitioners who subscribe to and support the Review.