Aims & Scope

The Idaho Law Review publishes three editions each year: a Fall Edition, a Spring Edition, and a Symposium Edition. Each edition aims to serve as a valuable resource for judges, practitioners, and scholars both in the State of Idaho and around the country. The Idaho Law Review covers all scholarly topics of the law, but primarily focuses on legal issues pertaining to and within the State of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. In addition, the Review offers an Natural Resource and Environmental Law (NREL) edition specifically focused on the intersection of law and science.

NREL Edition

The Idaho Law Review published its first edition in 1964. Since its conception, articles on natural resources and environmental law have not been unknown to the Review. As the Review began to grow, the number of articles discussing natural resource and environmental law topics began to increase. With entire editions devoted to NREL topics and the development of the University of Idaho College of Law NREL program that includes a JD emphasis as well as concurrent graduate degrees with Water Resources, Environmental Science, Professional Science Masters, and Bioregional Planning, the NREL Edition became a formal annual dedication within the Idaho Law Review in 2014.

Since 2014, each Fall edition of the Review is a dedicated NREL edition with past topics encompassing adaptive governance and adaptive management, the Snake River Basin Adjudication, and the future of hydropower. The Review’s NREL edition is on the cutting edge in academic literature, seeking to create a journal were law and science can come together in a single forum. Each article in the NREL edition is peer-reviewed before it undergoes the traditional law review editing process. Through this innovative approach, the NREL edition provides significant contributions to the field of natural resources and environmental law.